Procedure of a MBST magnetic resonance therapy

The scientifically based MBST magnetic resonance therapy is only applicated in certified MBST treatment centres by general practitioners, specialists or therapists with successfully accomplished further training. Individual consulting and thorough diagnostics in your MBST treatment centre are the basis for a successful MBST therapy.

Your MBST treatment is ordered at MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH by the treating physician only after an appropriate diagnosis.

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The indication is the basis for a therapy

In accordance with your description of symptoms, thorough diagnostics and observance of possible contraindications, the treating physician in a MBST treatment centre informs you if MBST magnetic resonance therapy is a treatment option for your complaints. You will get detailed information during the consultation. The tissue resp. indication specific therapy card is ordered for you personally according to the indication.

Therapy options · Making the decision for a treatment

Quite often, you can choose between several therapy options for treatment for a certain disease or injury. In this case, possible benefit and damage, such as side effects or downtimes, need to be considered carefully. It is ideal to consult a doctor in an MBST treatment centre who can support you in evaluating the information and making the decision for further proceedings.

Competence for the own health

The decision for the treatment option that fits you best may not be easy. Scientific studies alone can not be the only factor that is taken into account. That is why it makes sense to consider the following questions before deciding on a course of treatment:

  • Which effect do I hope for?
  • When does the effect of the treatment set in? For how long?
  • How many people have already benefited from this therapy?
  • Are there any side effects?
  • How long is the necessary downtime?
  • What do I need to do during the treatment?

Course of therapy

After you have made the decision for a MBST magnetic resonance therapy, the MBST treatment centre orders the MBST therapy card specified for your condition or injury at MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH. There, the treatment data is loaded onto a coded MBST therapy card which is then send to your MBST treatment centre.

The treatment data is transferred directly from the therapy card to the MBST therapy device which guarantees an optimal treatment. The medical staff helps you to take up a position in or on the MBST therapy device so that the body part to be treated is placed ideally within the treatment field.

With the start of the therapy unit, the MBST therapy device establishes magnetic resonance conditions with the tissue and then begins the targeted energy transfer. Most patients do not notice any sensations during the therapy. Some describe a light feeling of warmth or a slight tingling.

Each treatment session lasts for 60 minutes. Meanwhile, you can relax and for instance listen to music, read a book or even sleep. A MBST treatment series consists of five to ten treatment units. Depending on the diagnosis and extent of damage, different MBST therapy devices are used.