Stages in the history of the company

The following years show the impressive success story of a German entrepreneurial family and its employees.

The founding years

MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH was founded by Axel Muntermann in Wetzlar in 1998. Before, he had already been successfully involved in the development and production of complex solutions in cardiology. The first patents, e.g. for devices for linear radiofrequency catheter ablation of endomyocardial tissue, high-frequency ablation devices or ECG recorders for recording and cyclically storing digitized ECG signals, date back to this period.

Prominent MBST patients

A condition like osteoarthritis can affect anyone. From the very beginning, the MBST magnetic resonance therapy system aroused great interest. Due to the good treatment results, many celebrities also became aware of the MBST therapy. We present a small selection of those here.