Duration of therapy

The number of therapy units is defined by the treating physician according to severity of damage and indication. Usually, more hours of therapy are necessary in cases of severe damage or longstanding, chronified conditions than for recent injuries or maintenance therapy. Another factor for the necessary amount of therapy hours is the target tissue, i. e. the damaged tissue that shall be treated. The tissue-specific therapy cards are programmed for the targeted treatment of cartilage, osseous structures, intervertebral discs, muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves. With some tissues, more therapy hours are more promising for an optimal result.

Each treatment session lasts for 60 minutes. Meanwhile, you can relax and for instance listen to music, read a book or even sleep. The therapy units should take place on consecutive days but a break for the weekend is no problem.

The optimal duration of an MBST therapy series for your complaints is defined by the treating physician according to indication and severity of damage.

 MBST Therapiedauer