MBST magnetic resonance therapy system

MedTec develops, produces and distributes the patented MBST technology that is used with great success in therapy systems for human, veterinary and aesthetic medicine. Our MBST therapy devices comply with all legal requirements. Furthermore, they meet the highest standards of quality, therapeutical efficacy, design and patient comfort. Since 1998, MedTec with its therapeutically used magnetic resonance technology has developed from a pioneer to a global market leader. Our certificates and test seals are recognized worldwide and stand for trust and safety.

An increasing number of doctors, specialists, medical care centres, hospitals, clinics and universities trust in the MBST magnetic resonance therapy system – not only in Germany and Europe but throughout the world.

MedTec MBST Umweltschutz Recycling

MedTec · Worldwide exclusive Master Licensee

MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH is the worldwide exclusive Master Licensee for the therapeutically used and patented MBST magnetic resonance technology and distributor of the MBST therapy systems based on the technology. The therapy systems consist of MBST therapy devices specifically build for different treatment zones and tissue resp. indication specific MBST treatment cards. Depending on the product line, our partners use the therapy system for treating a number of degenerative musculoskeletal diseases as well as other conditions and injuries incl. wound healing disorders, pain symptoms and other indications in human, veterinary and aesthetic medicine in inpatient and outpatient treatment, preventive, postsurgery and rehabilitation accompanying.

MBST International · Exklusive partners · Long-term cooperation

Based on the experiences made in many years of marketing, distribution and application of the MBST therapy systems in Germany, MedTec has developed an independent MBST marketing system for international partners. Our exclusive partners get the opportunity to establish the worldwide patented MBST magnetic resonance technology in their home countries. They also have the right to run MBST centres for the purpose of treatments, distribution, demonstration, technical service and information.

MedTec is a strong partner who does not only offer technological expertise but also supports licensees and customers around the globe with strategies for distribution, trainings, marketing activities and country-specific consulting. MedTec sets standards in its models of business and customer service ranging from installation, technical service and inspections up to trainings and consulting.

To guarantee reliability and quality, the MBST magnetic resonance therapy is only applicated after diagnosis by medical professionals and solely in MBST treatment centres that have been certified by MedTec or by third parties authorised by MedTec. The objective of our certification systems is to provide the best possible, individualised and safe therapy for MBST patients. Basis for the certification are annual inspections that the MBST treatment centre and the medical staff have to pass successfully. They guarantee that the requirements for the optimal application of the MBST therapy and usage of the MBST technology are fulfilled.

Exklusive Master License · Sustainable successful cooperation

We are looking for cooperation with investors and companies that are willing to work for long-term success with a fair cooperation model and transparency in actions. MedTec always strives to establish a contractual relationship that supports a long-term, successful and productive cooperation for both parties. That is why the relationship between both parties is characterised by a marked mutual trust. We do not have a mass product. We are working together with selected customers in stable cooperations, some of them have existed since the founding of our company, and we know all users personally.

Musculoskeletal conditions · A growing health market

Musculoskeletal diseases are worldwide the leading cause of chronic pain, physical restrictions and a reduced quality of life. They are a huge burden for patients and relatives because physical capabilities and consequently the participation on activies of daily life can be severely restricted. A large proportion of the elderly population suffers from one or several musculoskeletal diseases. A consequence beside the complaints of the patients are considerable direct and indirect costs for the national health systems. This development goes on pretty much all around the globe.

MedTec rises to the challenge with the MBST magnetic resonance therapy

Many conventional therapy approaches are aimed primarily at the symptoms. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs shall make the disease easier to bear for the patient. Some, however, can have severe side-effects. A degenerative disease such as osteoarthritis or osteoporosis progresses, the diseased or damaged tissue decreases and at the end, the last option available might often be a surgical intervention with all associated risks.

Our choice of therapeutic products covers an immense market potential which will continue to grow with the ongoing demographic change. Musculoskeletal diseases become more and more common with advancing age. About 50% of the female and 33% of the male population between the age of 70 and 79 suffer from osteoarthritis. 25% of the women and 3% of the men in this age group suffer from osteoporosis. About 25% of the female and 17% of the male total population in Germany have chronic back pain. Many even suffer from several musculoskeletal diseases. Musculoskeletal diseases also figure prominently in inpatient treatment, being the cause for 9% of all inpatient hospitalisations in 2013. They are the most common diagnosis in health clinics and rehab centres for both genders, the most common reason for sick leave days and the second most common cause for health-related early retirement.

Health · Made in Germany · Successful worldwide

Since the business formation in 1998, MedTec is tipped for success and registers significant increases in sales. This is not at least due to our tried and tested business model that has proven successful in the long term and worldwide which we are continuously optimizing. It enables a fast entry into the market and a high rentability for our partners. It is not for nothing that today we are present in more than 500 locations in more than 40 countries – and still growing.

Do you identify with the concept of the MBST system? Are you looking for an investment opportunity? Can you imagine your future in the field of medical technology? Then get started with us. Order information about our company and the many advantages of our MBST systems as well as the available license areas. Take the next step and get in contact with MedTec Medizintechnik.

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Your qualifications!

You can always trust in our MBST system. It doesn’t matter if you already have experience as a distributor of medical technology or are a new player in this part of the market. What we expect from our partners:

  • above-average self-initiative and commitment
  • willingness to invest
  • willingness to learn and to complete comprehensive further training
  • mindset of a business person, aspiration to success, skills in management and leadership
  • aspiration to expansion and growth

Do you recognize yourself in that description? We are looking forward to getting to know you! Please fill in our contact form. In a next step, we will talk about your future in the MBST family. Get detailed information about the MedTec license model, your advantages in the MBST magnetic resonance system, the preconditions and your possibilities.

We prefer partners who:

  • are already active in the field of distribution of medical technology, medical or health.
  • have the financial and staff resources to actively operate at least 2 complete demo-centres in the first year.

We meet in person!

We get to know each other in a personal meeting. In a visit to our head quarters in Wetzlar you can experience the MBST medical technology and discover your fascination for the MBST system. Together, we discuss the details and the next steps.


We sign a long-term contract!

After getting clear about the requirements, obligations and rights of the partners, the contract is drawn up. It defines not only the fees and amount of investment but also the guidelines for marketing, management and customer care in order to guarantee a uniform public image of the brand. In turn, the partner is granted the rights to the requested license for brands and products.


We work together successfully!

Scientists, doctors, medical staff, service technicians and marketing staff are trained about the MBST system in our in-house MBST ACADEMY. MedTec combines innovative offers for consulting, qualification and information. Technological basics of the MBST magnetic resonance technology, the active principle and possible indication as well as marketing, sales and quality management activities are taught in lectures, presentations, workshops and coachings – in short, everything you need to know to successfully implement the MBST system in your license area.

You are searching for a highly scaleable business model in the field of medical technology and health?


NDA · Non-Disclosure-Agreement

The NDA provides the conditions for a safe frame in which the parties can talk about non-public business information that shall be kept secret. It is the legitimate need of founders to guard that kind of information from unauthorised access. With the NDA, all parties are bound to encompassing secrecy.

Information about the MBST system

You receive the necessary information about the MBST system including a form to draw up a business plan for your application.

MBST presentation

We show you the worldwide exceptional MBST system in our headquarters. You experience a system with a unique selling point and get to know all details about a potential cooperation.

You become a part of the MBST family

The signature on the contract is the starting point for a successful future.