HEALTH MEDIA AWARD – The OSCAR of health communication

The HEALTH MEDIA AWARD primarily honours competent communication. It is also referred to as the Oscar of healthcare industry. The jurors are proven experts of the healthcare industry and communication. In over a decade, the HMA has developed from a health congress to the most respected award for healthcare communication. It is awarded for exceptionally successful ideas and campaigns of communication relating to the topic of health.

MBST was nominated in the category medical technology.

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Excellent health communication

"Today’s healthcare system demands personal responsibility in the prevention of illness and the choice of therapies. Our goal is to provide patients with true additional value and help them to find orientation in the jungle of health services by the design, structure and content of the information about MBST magnetic resonance therapy, because only a well-informed patient can make the best decision together with the doctor," says Guido Finkes, CMO of MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH. Regarding medical treatment, patients have various rights and they are entitled to adequate information and counsel, as well as to thorough and qualified treatment. It is our task as manufacturer of the MBST magnetic resonance therapy system to provide the patient with easily understandable information that puts him in the position to decide on the best therapy for himself.

MBST HEALTH MEDIA AWARD ∙ Nominee in the category "Medical technology"

In 2018, the HEALTH MEDIA AWARD Festival Committee nominated the "MBST Magnetic Resonance Technology" for the 10th HEALTH MEDIA AWARD in the category "Medical technology". Thus, the independent jury of physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs honours the innovative MBST magnetic resonance technology of MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH as well as the information on MBST magnetic resonance therapy that is provided for patients and medical experts.

The OSCAR of health communication

About 400 award winners in 11 years have set standards and established the prize’s good reputation in the branch. The winners range from the German Cancer Aid to Doctors Without Borders up to the private José Carreras Foundation. A wide field. A high standard. A special price.

The Health:Angel

The Health Media Award e. V. under the supervision of Dr. Rainer Weck guarantees the orderly procedure at the award process. At the jury meeting, which is open to the public, each individual contribution is evaluated by the jurors according to a clear set of criteria. The transparent system evaluates the relevance of the topic, the idea and the creativity of the respective application. The winner of the Health:Angel will be announced at the award ceremony.

The Grand Jury for the HEALTH:ANGEL

The Grand Jury of the Health:Angel consists of leading personalities from the communications and healthcare industries. Invitations to become part of the Grand Jury are issued by the Health:Angel Competition Office, the Council of Elders, the Grand Jury President or his representative.