OSTEO·SYSTEM · MBST therapy device

OSTEO·SYSTEM stands for convincing medical technology. The proven OSTEO·SYSTEM is a whole-body therapy system for the reliable, gentle and safe treatment of osseous structures, e. g. osteopenia, osteoporosis and bone metabolism disorders.

MedTec MBST Umweltschutz Recycling


MBST magnetic resonance whole-body treatment system

Diseases of the osseous structures often concern the entire skeletal system. To treat these indications effectively, the therapeutically usable treatment area has to be expanded to include the whole body. The MBST OSTEO·SYSTEM has been developed especially for these requirements. The magnetic resonance applicators in the therapy device build up the treatment area from the lying surface to up to 35 cm.

The patented medical technology of the MBST therapy device complies with current EU norms and can be used for all age groups.

Note: This therapy device is no longer in production but is still in active use.

The most important advantages of OSTEO·SYSTEM at a glance:

  • Proven over many years
  • For whole-body treatment of osseous structures
  • Open therapy device
  • Only needs as much space as a usual treatment couch
Max. patient weight: 180 kg
Treatment field: approx. 35 cm height
Construction: open therapy device

Extract of the list of possible indications that have already been treated successfully with MBST magnetic resonance therapy:
Drug-induced osteoporosis, inactivity osteoporosis, juvenile idiopathic osteoporosis, juvenile osteoporosis, kyphosis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, postmenopausal osteoporosis, steroid-induced osteoporosis

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