*Disclaimer / Patient information

In accordance with the German law about the advertising of medical products, we are obliged to inform you that in orthodox medicine it is currently disputed whether the efficacy of MBST magnetic resonance therapy is sufficiently scientifically proven. Evidence-based studies do not exist for every treatment field. Since every human being is different by nature, the success of a medical procedure cannot be guaranteed. Names and statements about treatment fields, areas of application, efficacy and tolerability are based on experiences of doctors and their patients in the application of the therapy in MBST treatment centres. They are no promise of relief or improvement. The therapy is applicated exclusively after a medical diagnosis and only at the personal request of the patient as direct paymentservice after comprehensive information in an MBST treatment centre. Health insurances are not obliged to refund the costs. The contents of MedTec’s publications are intended as general information on health-related topics. Under no circumstances can and shall they replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or shall they be used as a basis for an autonomous change or termination of the treatment of diseases. If you have any health-related questions or complaints, please always consult a physician you trust.