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Personal service about all aspects around the MBST magnetic resonance therapy, MBST magnetic resonance technology and the MBST magnetic resonance therapy system is of great importance for MedTec Medizintechnik GmbH. Direct conversation is often the easiest way to answer many questions.

We are glad to help you individually and efficiently with your concerns.

Hotline · MBST Advice

Do you have questions about MBST magnetic resonance therapy? We are here to help ...

Hotline zur MBST Kernspinresonanz-Therapie

Sales International

International Business Relations

Responsible for of our international partners and order processing

Marketing & Public Relations

Advertising material, MBST Cloud, Public Relations

Responsible for marketing, advertising material, press & publications

Sales Germany

German Business Relations

Responsible for our German partners and order processing

Axel Muntermann

Managing Partner · President

"I am gled that my gut feeling has led me to a new, meaningful technology that alleviates suffering worldwide!"